ALEARI Consulting was established in 2015 by Massimo Gambaro, who has over 15 years of experience as a senior executive in charge of branding, marketing, and communication for Italian and international fashion and luxury goods brands.

We wanted to create a small, lean, boutique agency that had a very clear taste and could offer brand management from all angles. To us, it is essential to always develop an aesthetic grammar for the brand and therefore give meaning to every single occasion in which the brand manifests itself, be it a photo shoot, a video, a retail project, or a logotype design.

" We think that everything should always fit into a clearer and better-coordinated big picture. "

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Obsessed with aesthetics, Massimo could spend an entire afternoon choosing from infinite shades of the same color. In addition, he has developed an insane passion for rationalist architecture.

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Gabriella is a visual strategist with strong fashion background. She loves to find inspirations from bizarre sources, connecting abstract ideas into fine designs. Usually works out of a room with some plants and her cats who stare at her for another cat treats.

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Lapo, a master of capturing life's essence, hails from the city of Firenze in Tuscany. His passion for photography is matched only by his love of the ocean's majesty and the mountain's rugged allure. A hobbyist motorcyclist, he seamlessly blends his worlds and creates art that inspires.